The Black Hole
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2001-06-30 03:01:48 (UTC)


Well, I'm still at my grandmas. ITs been Fun. I went to
bed early last night. IT was about midnigyht. I slept in
till 11;30 which is really weird for me. I mean I'm one of
those people who get up after 9 hours of sleep no matter
what! GOd its so annoying!

When I'm at my dads my sister and I fight a lot. I think
its very weird! I don't understand it. I guess there is
so much tension in his house that it gets to both of us.
We are more like best friends than sisters...usally.

I went and saw Crazy/Beautiful and my dad and sister saw
Tomb Radior. I wish I had gone and seen that but yeah. I
cried in my video and my left contact fell out! Ha Ha

Does anyone ever read my diarys?