Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
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2002-07-13 18:09:27 (UTC)

Some funny fucked up shit!!!!!

reverent_tears_of_solitude: hi
reverent_tears_of_solitude: how are you?
reverent_tears_of_solitude: im fine thanks
reverent_tears_of_solitude: really sounds great
euthinasia_warped_angel: u suck
reverent_tears_of_solitude: lol
euthinasia_warped_angel: im talking to myself
reverent_tears_of_solitude: AHHHHHHHHHHHH
reverent_tears_of_solitude: this name rules
euthinasia_warped_angel: doesnt it thought
euthinasia_warped_angel: though*
euthinasia_warped_angel: so what are you up too today
reverent_tears_of_solitude: Umm so far nothing really
euthinasia_warped_angel: damn that sounds boring as shit
reverent_tears_of_solitude: really you have no idea
euthinasia_warped_angel: i bet i do
reverent_tears_of_solitude: this guys a freaj
reverent_tears_of_solitude: freak*
euthinasia_warped_angel: im so boredddddddddddddd
reverent_tears_of_solitude: im so bored i talk to myself
reverent_tears_of_solitude: ZZZZZZZZZZZzz
euthinasia_warped_angel: NIrvana
reverent_tears_of_solitude: No you may call me Nirvy
euthinasia_warped_angel: NO thats my name
reverent_tears_of_solitude: it is not
reverent_tears_of_solitude: its min
reverent_tears_of_solitude: e
reverent_tears_of_solitude: GOD DAMN IT
euthinasia_warped_angel: fuck you
reverent_tears_of_solitude: no fuck you
reverent_tears_of_solitude: in the ass
euthinasia_warped_angel: NO fuck you in the ass
euthinasia_warped_angel: with a shovel
reverent_tears_of_solitude: ur sick
euthinasia_warped_angel: i know
reverent_tears_of_solitude: thats what you liek abotu tme
euthinasia_warped_angel: and you cant spell
reverent_tears_of_solitude: hey that was too far
euthinasia_warped_angel: stop pissing me off

OK just so everyone knows this is me both of these names
are me talking to myself on the internet.... Yeah that
should tell you something is wrong with me a 25 min convo
of me tell me stuff yep........ Just thought people would
like to see some of the werid shit i like to do,.........

Ill write more later Mistra