Emerald Spirit
2002-07-13 15:51:38 (UTC)

Gratitude Journal 7/13/02 * giving it up to spirit*

I had a wonderful comment today at work before giving the
daily list will talk about it.. A co worker said you seem
calmer lately. Did they finally change your meds?

Just sort of started laughing inside, almost wanted to say
no, am just living a life more in the presence of spirit..
Realising that the divine is around us all.. However I
just kept silent. Counting my blessings.

You see I am on thyriod meds, and for a few months my dose
has been off, and been going under a lot of strain both at
work and at home. Started doing this journal, and
realizing that life is so much more simpler when you
realise that you have what you need.

Also when you give up your worries to spirit, that tends to
help to. See, thats what has really changed me in the last
month.. I turned over a lot of the garbage/ bs to be
recycled into something more useful for the spirit to work
with me.

Seems pretty simple huh? Some of my most heartfelt prayers
of gratitude are really that.. Thanking the spirit for
using me to help others, and to help myself become stronger
and more centered in that place of wholeness.

This is just only one leg of my journey.. Remembering the
fact that gratiude starts from within ones self.

For todays list.

I am grateful for the gentle presence of my beloved on the
way home..
I have gratitude that I am starting to feel and to write
what I am feeling.
I am grateful for the postive feedback from a stranger,
that reminds me someone out there is listening to that
inner prompting too.
I am grateful for the work day to be done, and no more
listening to gossip for another 8 hours.
I have gratitude for always the home that I am living in
and the power that is on...