fake plastic diary
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2002-07-13 15:49:11 (UTC)

about me

hey, heres more info about me.

im 16 from a little town near to manchester in the north
west of england.

i start college in september, im gonna study english lit,
french, theatre studies and history (which is my fav

i look average i suppose. i am quite fat, pretty short, i
have brown hair and grey eyes. not good looking, but not
totally ugly.

if u were to try and class me, i dont think u could call me
a mosher or a goth or a skater or a grunger. im kinda

i wear whatever i like. today i am wearing brown/stone
coloured pants that flare out a bit at the bottom, with a
maroon t-shirt with a zebra on it, which i got when i went
to florida when i was 13. i have lots of tacky bracelets
on, made from those cute little beads, and some friedship
bracelets. i also have a bead necklace on. im wearing
stripey purple/blue socks. and underwear obviously. im
wearing a pair of sketchers today, with curly pink and
purple laces. i really want some big platform trainers, but
i have no money at the mo to buy anything.

i like all sorts of things. going to gigs, goin to the
theatre, reading, watching films, listening to music, goin
out with friends, although im not really a party animal as

things that make me happy (which is more often than ppl
think.i come across as bein a bit miserable, but im
normally not):
rainbows*old kids tv programmes*going to gigs*skanking*hot
pink*nail varnish*hearing my fav songs on the radio*feather
boas*dressing up*writing crap poetry*eating
sweeties*kissing and hugging(not that i get the chance
much. thats why it makes me happy!)*rainy
days*blackadder*monty python*singing badly*buying
stuff*glitter*purple*going on trips*kinky
things*manchester*england*being with my friends*****all
sorts of things!

my friends who get mentioned quite alot in this diary:

chaz is my bessie. shes weird. she likes radiohead, pizza,
and all sorts of cool stuff. shes got loads of little
sayings, such as "sort it out!" and shes so funny.

xen is also one of my best friends. she is v.funny and
v.cute. i probably shouldnt say this in a place where
anyone can read it, but well, i dont suppose it matters...i
fancy her so much. i cant help it. im not even bi or
anything. i just think shes funky and sexy.

kayleigh a.k.a the quail is another of my good friends from
school. shes a bit on the quite side but not as much as she
used to be. shes beautiful (dont fancy her tho!) shes tall,
thin and natural brown/blonde but not stupid. shes really

laura is sometimes nice and sometimes i hate her. shes
pretty fat, but shes not bad looking really. she has some
cool stuff, and lots of money. shes generous and good fun,
but she easily pisses me off, and vice versa.

popey hes not really my best mate or anythin, but we all go
out in a group kinda thing. hes not good looking, but he
can be really funny and nice at times. not all the time
tho. i went with him once and now i sooo regret doing that.

okay, i think they're the main ppl who i talk about, but i
do have other friends, like lindsay and becca, tanzilla,
lauren, gemma and caroline, dave, sam and other ppl too.

bands i have seen:
madness, limp bizkit, godsmack, muse, slipknot, one minute
silence, in flames, american head charge (twice), raging
speedhorn, rammstein, censa faye, shooting goon, jesse
james, hoobastank, rival schools, "a", jess than jake, no
doubt, green day, halo, wilt, my vitriol.
also some other crappy bands who i didnt pay to see, such
as the sugar babes, wycleff, nelly (i think) and some other
crap american bands like that.

bands i really want to see:
placebo, coldplay, the bloodhound gang

thats it for now.

oh yeah.......im mad!!! mwahahahahahhaha!