When its all over and done with....
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2002-07-13 15:34:14 (UTC)

its been awhile

hey sorry i havent written in like a week. but my comp kept
repeadeatly breakin...first it was the color card that took
2 weeks to get in cuz it got lost in the mail then it wasnt
the right peice so we called the dell guy and he said we
need a processor and a new color card. So when the dell guy
came over for about 2 1/2 hours he actually fixed it. But 5
min after he left...boom it broke again ugh. So since it
was a sun my dad had to work and he didnt have time to fix
it till friday so he was on the phone for at least 5 hours
with the guys tryin to fix it....finally he did, he had to
redo the whole win98 program, then he wanted to play his
stupid falcon 5 game which he loves soo much. So finally i
got on the comp and i had to redo all my favorites for aol
and all...well ttyl bye

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