wind djinn

Memories of a Paradise Lost...
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2001-01-07 19:13:04 (UTC)

welcome, yes, welcome all. the..

welcome, yes, welcome all. the first entry's always a
hard one. in a way, it decides your place amongst the other
diarists...and amonst the readers. they can take one look
and figure out whether or not you're worth bothering with.
anyway, i have another diary, but i decided to start
anew, because my old diary site was getting too...well the
diarists were kinda malicious. i really believe people are
entitled to their own opinions, yet i saw such atrocities.
but what i guess i should really be doing right now is
describing myself, eh?
to begin i am not your run-of-the-mill teenager. i'm a
sophomore at Hell High, trying my hardest just to fit in
with the rest of society. no no, i'm not the outkast of the
school, or anything such as that. in fact, i'm rather
popular, but i don't flaunt it around. i'm not stereo-
typically popular. usually groups these days, or cliques,
are categorized into the jocks, the on and so
forth. well i'm not the blonde-haired, blue-eyed
cheerleader type who has the football team begging for
dates. no, i'm rather different. in fact, i'm hispanic, and
in a pre-dominantly anglo society, sometimes conflicts
arise. when i say popular, i mean i am the mahogany-
haired, brown-eyed girl with the many "unusual" friends. i
belong to a category with no name. it consists of those who
are unique, shunned out by society, all because they
are...different. the different ones see the dead, they
dream of the future, they are the psychic scholars of the
school. that's my group. i guess i really haven't much in
common with the rest of the world. i'm an aries? does that
help? hmm, lessee, i'm in love? yep, his name is matthew.
uh...mmm.....i have so much to say but let's get to know
eachother first, diary. i shall continue a bit later...

farewell for now
Wind Djinn