fake plastic diary
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2002-07-13 14:59:26 (UTC)

my vitriol,halo,wilt....saturday...im up to date!

okay, its saturday afternoon and i am feeling really
crappy. yesterday went to town at about 11o'clock and just
generally walked round and did nothing much until about 6
when we walked down to manchester uni, which is a bloody
long walk. we waited outside for ages, then they let us in
at about 7.30. there was me, chaz, xen, laura, sam, my
cousin gaz (who it turns out is now kinda goin out with
sam, but not really goin out, more just goin with if u see
what i mean. they met on thursday at the green day gig. sam
always meets ppl at gigs. shes a bit of a slut. but not in
a nasty way really.) and also dave and popey the mole. i
started calling him the mole cos he cut his hair real short
and i reckon he looks like a mole. the name kinda caught
on. he was bein a right arsehole. hes often a complete dick
(even if his dick is really small, according to tasha. we
had many such revealing gossipy conversations like that
yesterday when we were bored in town) but when daves there
hes always worse than usual. so when me, xen, chaz and gaz
were sittin on the grass outside the uni and chaz found
this really big worm i said we should give it to popey for
his tea, cos hes a mole, so chaz picked it up and we went
and threw it at him. which was funny. he got so pissed off.
outside the gig we didnt make any really good friends but
we talked to these two strange lads for a bit. one was 14
and looked a bit like brian molko without the fitness and
the other was 12 and really sweet. also we talked to a
group of lads who were scousers. they tried to tell us that
they werent and that they came from this other place, but
no, they were scousers. xen stole a bracelet from one of
them, which we thought was pretty ironic. stealing from a
scouser and all. the venue itself was pretty small. a hall
with a stage at the front with loads of lights, one of
which was too bright and annoying as it just kept shining
in our eyes. and at the back was a bar. i suppose imagine
the size of a big classroom, like that. well, i was really
tired at the gig cos we'd been out all day the day before
and i had to get up at 6.30 in the morning and then we'd
been walking all day too, so i was feeling like death and
pretty dizzy again. plus i'd only heard one song by halo,
two songs by wilt and i only properly knew 3 songs by my
vitriol. also it was on the 12th, which is always an
unlucky date for me. so the odds were stacked against me
having a good time. however, i really liked halo. omg! they
are all so fit! all! the singer is cool looking, with a
mohican and really nice eyes and ur so close u can imagine
hes singing at u. it was cool. no wonder sam likes them so
much. then the guitarist is really good looking, like a
model, with really nice hair, but when we saw him before
the gig (when i had nothing to get signed, unfortunately)
he seemed a bit ignorant. still god-like tho. and i think
the bassist was fit too, but my friends disagree. he had
messy dreaded hair and his nose is pierced and he had a
cute smile and was generally v.nice. i didnt really see the
drummer much, but he looked okay. they put loads of effort
into their set (too much according to xen) and were jumpin
and all that. theyve got this really great song that im
gonna have to try and find a copy of and the lyrics go
along the lines of "let me go down on you", and it is so
good. then wilt played. im holding their irishness against
them, but they were good. jumpy music. again, their
guitarist was gorgeous in a deano type way. sigh. by the
time my vitriol came on, which took ages to set up. they
didnt start playing till about 10.15 i was so exhausted to
the point of practically collapsing. however, i didnt and i
ended up with chaz at the front, leaning on the stage for
quite a lot of the set. i dont think they were that great
really. i know their sound is quite blury and heavy, but i
dont think it was clear enough. not as good as on cd. most
bands sound better live, but i dont really think they did.
i suppose it must av been quite difficult to play tho, cos
they had so many effects pedals and stuff for the guitars.
but i had quite a good time. they finished about 11ish i
think. it was the sort of gig where it would have been good
to have a boyf. halos set was like that and id have
probably had more fun during my vitriols set if id av had a
boyf i think. also at green day the other day it would av
been good to have had a boyf. i kinda ended up on my own
cos i wanted to actually watch it instead of go in the pit,
and although i like going to stand on my own at gigs (i
just feel happier and less self conscious) for some of the
songs like good riddance (time of ur life) and macys day
parade which are the slow songs, it would just av been
better to be with sumone for them. just sumone to hug. they
sound more depressing when ur on ur own......but anyway.
maybe one day i'll find someone to go to gigs with. till
then, nevermind...........
after the gig we went round to the tour buses at the back.
wilt had decided to go early, so we didnt meet them. but we
talked to the singer from halo and i got a flyer signed by
the bassist and drummer from halo. we were gonna wait for
my vitriol to come out, but it was about 12 and chaz's mum
was picking us up from viccy station so we had to walk all
the way back across town, which took ages, so we couldnt
wait. shame. i got in some time after 1 and had to get up
this mornin at 6.30. so i am so tired. went back to sleep
for a few hours, but still tired. and i have a headache and
my ears are ringing. im supposed to be goin to sams party
tonite, but i really dont wanna go. many reasons. i dont
feel like going, i dont know alot of the ppl goin, i havent
got her a pressie, i dont like her all that much anyway
really, i have no money to spend on alcohol (and it will be
that sort of party), i dont actually care about gettin
pissed anyway, i am not in a sociable mood, and so i will
be boring and depress ppl. do u see where im goin with
this? the only reasons for me going are i said i would
(although she dunt like me much and doesnt actually give a
damn whether i go or not) and i'll probably miss out on
something good if i dont go. but if do go then nothing will
happen. sods law. i dont know what to do. hmmmm. i just
wanna stay in and go to sleep, but that makes me boring.
so i dont think anything else has happened for me to talk
about. sorry, im not being very interesting at the mo am i?
just goin on about gigs. well, ive got no gigs for a while
now. i might go to hel is for heroes/biffy clyro soon, but
i dunno. i got no money. i need to save up for coldplay. i
wanna go see moby, but i cant afford to that as well. also
i wanna go see madness again in december cos they were
great the last time i saw them and i have loved em since i
was little. but again, it all comes down to having no
money. bloody hell.
so, what have you been doing? are you on holiday or sommat?
im loosing all track of time. i thought i had a dream that
u didnt send me an email, but that actually happened when i
checked my email yesterday morning. i cant remember what
stuff is real and what stuff i dream. i dont even know what
day or time it is anymore. aaaaaaaargh!!!!! okay, so im
gonna go now.
loads of love, lisa who gets up to so many shenannigans