fake plastic diary
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2002-07-13 14:55:10 (UTC)

yes this is wednesday....ive just been so busy

ha. i can see thru u like a window. its okay. i see thru
most ppl. its like this skill i have. or maybe its more of
a curse cos i can just tell what ppl are really like and
thats why i hate most of them. when i get to know a person
really well i can tell what theyr thinking too and i know
what theyr gonna say before they say it most of the time. i
can mostly tell when ppl are lying too. i think u lie quite
alot actually. not that i mind. cos i think u lie in good
ways. am i making sense? the mad irish teacher i had at
primary school who's in prison for firearms offences used
to say this little poem thing about me, and i think its
pretty true.
a wise old owl sat in an oak
the more he heard the less he spoke
the less he spoke the more he heard
maybe u shud try bein like that wise old bird.
oooooookay. oh i know what u mean about sports day. we also
had inter form sports too. i quite liked them cos they were
sports that i could do like hockey (even though i was
really injured one year by this girl who kept hitting me
with her stick and took a load of skin off my hand which
was bleeding and i think was probably broken or something.
not that anyone cared. aw. ) and i was always pretty good
at netball and basketball. so our team actually did quite
well at those. but never as good as 9.1 cos they had nicola
rennie who played basketball for england. and all the other
girls who played for the north and whatever. our school is
really good at basketball. probably the best in the
u dont give up easily do u? anyway, what kind of person
owns a photo of them naked for gods sake? i have photos of
me in the bath when i was a baby but thats it. and why do
parents do that? nobody wants to see pictures of kids in
the bath. well, nobody in their right mind. i suppose i
wouldnt mind u seeing me with nothing on tho. and i have no
idea why i just said that. am i the only person who thinks
that miss church (lol) sounds like shes got a permanent
cold? and sadly i do own one of her albums.
aw. well theres worse thing than having collapsed wheels.
like you could be in a real plane with no wheels. i hate it
when ppl get picked on for no reason. i probably told u
about stacey who nobody liked and everyone was voting for
her for prom queen as a joke. it was really cruel. nobody
liked her at primary school either. i remember in year 8
when she brought in a mangy old stuffed squirrel. very odd.
u know that song that goes always take the weather with u
everywhere u go.....well, we changed the words to always
take the squirrel. and at primary school there was this lad
who was a bit scruffy and had special needs who nobody
liked. he got so badly picked on and had no friends. i
tried to make friends with him. in the end he moved
schools. which was the best thing for him really.
ive never really cheated. ive probably looked at ppls
answers in little tests and stuff but to be honest, i was
normally the person other people copied off. well, at
primary school anyway. i was pretty good at spelling and
times tables. i mite av told u this before, but one of the
worse moments of my life was in a spelling test. it kinda
shattered my confidence. like i said, i was good at
spelling, like always 10/10 but once i only got 7/10. and
when i read my mark out, everyone was like laughing and
saying om! lisa only got 7....even though the ppl who were
saying that stuff had never even got more than 3 in their
whole life. and they just wouldnt stop going on and on, and
it took the teacher a good five minutes to shut them up.
everyone was so pleased to see that i'd got something
anyway, im supposed to be at my mums now, so id better get
going. it was horrible last nite cos i had to listen to her
crying herself to sleep for no reason. she does my head in.
have a good day, loads of love, lisa xxx
ew, did u see jade naked the other nite? shudder. erlack!
oh and i was thinking about that when i was watching mr
norton and i really cant remember ever calling it anything.