fake plastic diary
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2002-07-13 14:53:19 (UTC)

last tuesday


hiya!!! oooooh im suddenly in a good mood. dunno why!
no i didnt buy anything from anne summers shop, mainly cos
i have no money. to buy anything with. trisha sucks. its
the worst chat show on tv. shite. i know, those topics they
come up with are so ridiculous. they need to sort it out.
kyles okay. he is a bit young actually, but hes okay. no
need for u to be so nasty. its only the same as me talkin
to one of my brothers mates. hes alrite. ive not talked to
him for a while cos we never seem to be online at the same
time. but i know him pretty well i guess. but hes got
nothing on you. you are the best person in the world, in a
god-like way. oh, and i just divorced him. hahaha.
omg! thomas the tank engine is on! how cool is that? but
its one of the newer ones they made. i liked the old ones
better with ringo starr doing the narration.
the weather really is shit. it was my old schools sports
day today and it was crappy. i was watching thru my window
cos it looks out over the field. it was a poor effort. most
of the kids were still in classes. it was always so nice on
our sports days. i hated sports day. it involved sport.
im sure ur dad will be okay. the operation will be fine.
i'll be in cumbria on the 12th. hmmmmm. dean is just fit.
so there. and hes a nice person too. and he looks so
gorgeous in a suit. like when professional footballers have
charity dinners and u see pictures of them in magazines and
stuff. hes good at football. must stop thinking bout him.
sigh. all soaps are crap. i only ever watch corrie
sumtimes, cos of the novelty value. its a nice happy soap.
chaz has got a pic of me, her and xen before prom. i was
gonna send it u, but then i saw it and thought no way. i
look awful. u know when u think u look okay at the time but
then afterwards u see pics and wonder what the hell u were
thinking. well, its one of those pictures. and chaz keeps
sending it to ppl. which is annoying. and everyone who has
seen it says how gorgeous xenia is. and she really does
look fit on that pic. she is so beautiful. sigh. u would
just fall in love with her if u saw it. i think maybe shes
goin out with sumone now, cos lots of lads say how much
they fancy her and she fancies this lad called tubs. i
think its supposed to be ironic. so i think theyr goin out.
but ive not seen her for a while so i dunno. shes so lucky.
av u got a mate who everyone fancies? its so bloody
annoying. sorry, im in kind of a lesbian mood today. i do
this sometimes. thats not too weird is it? so many pretty
girls. this sounds daft. i used to like girls as much as i
like lads. not anymore tho. but some days, like today i'll
just notice all these nice girls on tv and stuff.
ive got wet feet again. grrrrr rain. ive been out in it for
about an hour talking to chaz and lindsay. im supposed to
be goin to lindsays later to watch a video or sommat. i
like her an all but to be honest i just cant be arsed. im
goin to mums tonite and probly tomorrow too cos my dads in
cornwall yet again. he works down there a lot. theres nowt
to do at mums. humpf! i keep sighing today.
i sent off some application forms and i phoned up about the
waitressing job but i got an answer phone, so that
annoying. i need some money. so much to buy. need money for
green day on thurs, and we mite be goin to the cinema
before we go too. then theres the my vitriol gig on friday.
i wanna buy the chili's cd and then theres loads of other
albums i wanna buy. and i need a coldplay ticket. chaz, xen
and quail are comin with me. i dunno who else yet. and i
need money for wales. and i want some trainers and a new
bag and all sorts of stuff. well, anyway, goin bye bye now!
loads a love Dr.Evil's daughter.
who'd a thawt it?!


hiya. cant write for long.
by the way, chaz says hi. she thinks u sound cool. how
naive she is. hahaha.
sports day was like morning was field events like high jump
and javelin. i did the javelin once and the long jump a few
times. not that im any good, just we had form competitions
so there had to be sumone competing in every event. and my
form lost every year except yr 8 when we came nxt to last.
then in the afti its the track events. which i had to do
every year. god im shit at running. but everyone watched
and it was okay i guess cos u could just chat all day and
laff at the teachers who wore shorts.
i wud send u my pic but i really dont look good at all. not
that i look much better in real life. and to be honest im
having a bit of a self confidence crisis at the mo. i
really dont want u to see what i look like cos then u
probly wud still talk to me, but only out of politeness. u
wud be so gutted that im not good looking. and i dont want
u to be. actually, i normally look okay in the morning.
then it gets worse as the day goes on. not that you'll ever
know that......probably.......maybe......
why charlotte church?! shes angin. oh u know who is really
pretty? alizee. i dont know if uve heard her but shes like
a french pop singer and i really like her (still in my
lesbian mood) and her music. even though its cheesy euro
pop. its so tacky i love it.
i really really wish i looked like her. isnt she so
beautiful? but no. i have to look like me. goddamn you god!
well, im gonna go mope around for a bit, maybe hang myself,
slit my wrist, that sorta thing......nah i could never ever
do that! i am gonna feel sorry for myself though. and i
have to go anyway. so i'll talk again asap.
love you more than i love my mirror. xxx.

an afterthought......
oh and by the way i am not telling u what the diary site
is. although im sure u'll look for it anyway. im gonna put
a password on it. so there. love ya. xxx