fake plastic diary
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2002-07-13 14:50:07 (UTC)

last monday


ooooooh i love reading other ppls online diaries. u can get
notified when ur fav ppls diaries get updated. i just read
the latest entry from this guy who is seriously into sex
and having cyber sex and he just goes on about his
erections and its really interesting to read.so anyway.
today my mum made me go to the job centre with her. groan.
i now have a potential number to ring for a waitressing
job, and an application form for the british heart
foundation. could life get any worse? actually, the job at
the charity shop looks pretty good. its £4.15 an hour for 8
hours on saturdays. so, i mite as well apply.
oh did i never tell u that i am also married online? lol.
yeah im being like so unfaithful! living in sin and all
that. i could marry u if u like.
ive always wanted to drive a tank. i bet it would be fun
tho. xen's mums done it. and i have no intentions to fly a
plane into a building, due to the inevitable certain death
of me.
yes, the illuminations are crap. i have no idea where in
wales im going. just cos theres lads at summer school dunt
mean any of them will like me at all. hey u know what? u
cant legally have sex. but i can. hmmmm.
u want a birthday pressie? damn. i was planning on
pretending to forget. failing that a crappy e-card. but no.
u want a present. well!
yes, u are most certainly the best person ive met on the
net. ur more like a real person than a net person. if that
makes sense.
nothing looks good with a brown carpet. it was like that
since we moved in. my walls are a light purple/blue
horrible colour like this well, a bit more blue. but mostly
u cant see the wals cos theyr covered in posters pictures
and all kinds of stuff. every surface in my room is
cluttered up with stuff. my room is so chaotic and messy.
i dont have any time to write more now. i gotta make the
love from the lady with naked feet.


u have been beaten on my quiz by kyle who is still
technically my internet husband. he scored two more than u.
i was considering divorcing him, but i think after ur poor
performance u shall simply have to remain my bit on the
side. teeheehee! hang ur head in shame. fool!
what do u mean im a nosey bugger? i fail to understand. in
what way am i nosey?
of course i mean the bloody shop. i wouldnt sell my heart
if my life depended on it. if i was gonna sell my body id
sell it while i was alive, not when i was dead. yeah, i was
a bit confused as to why they wanted to pay sumone to work
there. charity shop normally pay managers but not part time
staff. so, thats why i want the job. anyway, charity shops
are okay, and that one is nice enuff. it isnt so bad. and
nobody sends in knickers. the best charity shop i have ever
been in is oxfam originals in manchester which does its own
unworn clothes that are all pretty funky and unique.
im not gonna crash a plane into a building. forget it.
oh hey, i came up with a new excuse for not sending u a
birthday present. i dont know ur address! so there. ooooooh
i went in the new anne summers shop in town the other day.
u'd be pretty much in heaven.
oh i dont see the point in botox, or any other surgery type
stuff in general. i know this girl who wants a nose job so
badly. shes been saving for years and is on a waiting list.
the thing is, her nose isnt that bad. shes just paranoid. i
feel kinda sorry for her. she used to be one of my best
friends. we still get on well, but i dont see her much.
eastenders is shit.
id like to be asked to dance by a gay man. i saw this
gorgeous camp man today on the bus. he was soooo nice. oh
and i kept seeing all these nice looking ppl today. u know,
one of those days where u see loads of nice guys. well,
sorry, girls. and i saw deano who i used to sit nxt to in
maths and he was soooo gorgeous. i dont think i ever
actually had a proper conversation with him tho. im not
very good at talking to ppl. hes got a fuckin nice arse tho.
i got a purse today that is both glittery AND sheepy. wow.
anyway, tired, gonna go. love you very much like ice cream
with warm moist brownies and hot chocolate fudge sauce and
whipped cream and marshmallows and chocolate chunks and
malteasers and merangue, all mixed together. with nuts on
top. xxx.