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2002-07-13 14:32:46 (UTC)

What Happened To Me?

I am not the person I used to be. I've become a bitter
cynical bastard. Do you think I wanted to be like this?
Fuck no. I was happy once. Yeah but that was awhile ago.
I think somebody made the rule that its illegal for me to
be happy. And if I am somebody finds away to rain on my
parade. Like yesterday I had been feeling pretty good when
I got out of work. Then I came home and puked my guts
out. Wasnt feeling so swell after that. Go figure. Maybe
I could find a nice cave and live in it.

Two plus three no longer five.

Im so tired and confused. Well not tired in the physical
sense. Im mentally tired. Im tired of sorting through all
my problems and fixing them. Maybe if I just sit here and
wallow theyll just disappear. That would be bitching.
Will it happen? Not damn bloody likely. *Shrugs* Oh well.

You know what really pisses me off. When me and one of my
friends are discussing they might be giants. Up come ones
someone oh they sing istanbul. Well good for you you know
their most commercial album good for you. What about songs
like dont lets start, boat of car, fingertips, turn around,
cowtown. What about those ones. You ever hear of those.
Yeah didnt think so. Go away.

Ive got issues. I know it. If you read my journal you know
it too.

I wish I could live beneath the ocean. That would be cool.
No human contact would be necessary. And I could go up
when I wanted to see people. Or they could use scuba gear
and freaking visit me. Dumb people.

Im an angry young man. Woo hoo.