The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
2001-06-30 00:23:35 (UTC)

ummmm...just a boring entry....yah thats it

ok well lets see i have to apoligize to Mary for saying
that the car she has is her own so.."I am Sorry Mary"
truley i am ....but dont worry you WILL get a Car that is
your own and not your moms...what else? ummm i read what
Mary wrote in her diary ...and i am worried about that what
she wrote so i think i will do the smart thing and talk to
her about it b/c i know she will tell me the truth and i
hope/know that she will not be mad at me for asking b/c
icare about Mary and i dont want her to be hurt so im gonna
shove myself (mentally) away and focus on Mary b/c i want
to and i have nothing to bother me and I am (as Will
says) "Good as Gold!!!!" b/c i am...lets see I understand
the part were Will said he has to buy his own car...but i
dont have it as bad i am lucky and my grandpa is sending me
$2,000.00 for help in buying a good if i wont
argue with him and for what he says if he says i am
lucky..b/c i have no right to say i am not lucky...b/c this
summer i want to "donate" my life to helping/slash spending
my time with friends and hopefully help them and if i cant
i atleast want to be there!? for them b/c they mean the
WORLD TO ME!!!! I would give anything for them..ANYTHING!
I cant wait till two weeks b/c Mary and I are going to
Mumford or atleast i think we are b/c Trikas coming to NY
and Mary really really wants to be there to meet Trika to i dont really know where i stand on this issue so i
will also have to ask Mary what we be doin on that
subject....I also have to call Ashley S. So i can just talk
to her and so she can know that there is other life out
there. And that she knows i am still alive....oh well i
cant really think of anything else to talk about
umm/....know i think i will end it here