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2002-07-13 11:35:40 (UTC)

Juky 13th

Hey hey what up. July 16th, My love comes to visit! Im
SO fucking excited to see her. I havn't seen her in over a
year. Me and her are going to get married in a few years i
believe. I sure hope so. anyway i went to the beach a few
weeks ago and one of my good friends pissed me off. It was
a chance to me to go relaxfor a week with nothing on my
mind. but when we all got to the beach, she was basicly
acting like my parents...well anyones parents at that. It
was a week at the beach, just 11 friends. She knows that
we all don't go out and get drunk and smoke pot and really
do any thing bad. but she acts like we all do. im
surpised she didn't have us going to bed at a certain
time... Shes really smart and she knows what shes talking
about (for the most part) but i believe she takes things
alittle too far. She hates it when people stare at her.
she hates it when people make fun of like blacks or other
people but its sok for her to make fun of Fat people and
poor people regardless of color. I was born and raised in
the south. so yes i have alittle hatred amongest some
black people but thats the way i was raised. we were
watching this movie called *antiTrust* and if you have ever
seen it, Someone kills a chinese man and spraypaints
*Chink* or whatever it is. and i didn't know what the
word meant so i asked them and she was like NO don't tell
him b.c he'll start to call them that. And i got all
pissed off. but she doesn't really have a religon and me
neither but it really pisses me off when she badmouths
other religons. during the beach trip, she was like oh
damn guys i left my bible at home too bad. we should all
go to sunday school. I mean if know one is talking to her
about it or 'converting' her then i wish she wouldn't bring
it up. I have alot of friends in the church. I use to be
in church, but i had a bad experience with it...no im not
caholic. but i still believe in God and whatnot. It just
pisses me off when she goes off on things like that. We
got back from the beach and then she took off to Minn. for
family vacatoin for the july 4th so . she wrote me an
email saying she doesn't know what she did wrong or
whatever and shes sorry for not staying to work it out. i
might try to explain it to her, or ill just pretend like
everything is fine and i was just in one of my 'moods'.
but when she comes home, My friend is coming two days later
so maybe i wont spend anytime to work it out! i dunno
anyway i just thought that i'd vent out

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