my life sux
2002-07-13 10:49:23 (UTC)

My shoulder s still hurting me why wont my seizures stop?

Hello diary,
I still keep waking up on my shoulder wit ht hurting like
This is riiidiculous it should have stopped hurting by now.
I still wake up in the middle of the night hurting because
I'm laying on my right arm and in pain.
And I'm a;so having pain in my chest why is all of this
happening to me all of a sudden?
I thing I'm still having seizures I think I might of had one
Why wont they just stop?
What did I ever do to deserve this?
If anyone should have seizures it should be mother for
almost aborting me.
that woman makes me so mad.
I have it out with her on the phone but she wont admit I
hung up on her and she lies says she hung up on me.
She;s not worth anything.
She never cared for me.
She never ask me how I was after I had surgery, or I broke
my collarbone.
So this just shows she's ashamed of me .
I'm the one who didn't do drugs.
She's even addicted to pain pills.