Love Is Pain
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2002-07-13 10:07:56 (UTC)

About Me

Dear Diary, July 13, 02
Okay! I just got done writing my first diary entry.
*rollseyes* And I thought I just write something about
myself. Okay, my name is Monica E. But everyone calls me
Monnie. April calls me Sunshine.. Its not because I am a
sunshine. Its because in the morning, I'm NOT a
sunshine.... hehe I'm 15 years old and I live with my
mother. Who I really hate, my parents have been divorce
since I was 2 and I just started getting along with my dad.

My best friend is Vanessa, I call her Vannie. She has a
boyfriend who is really messy and doesn't know how to put
picture back where he found them. *wink* Vanessa knows what
I'm talking about. I've known her since I was 8 years old.
Its a pretty funny story how we met too. But I won't tell
you cuz Vanessa will get really mad at me.

My closest friends, who are like my sisters are April,
Desiree, Stella, and Isabel. Its funny cuz I met April only
three years ago, and I met Desiree, Stella, and Isabel only
about almost a year ago. But they've shown me the most love

Welpz, I guess thats all you really need to know. For now
that is. hehehe