DayDream Believer
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2002-07-13 09:08:56 (UTC)

Dear Diary

Im working this weekend, and Im gonna sleep over at Tommy`s
place tonight since its closer to my job and cause its his
last weekend in his holiday.
I stil got a whole month, but it dossnt feel like a holiday
though, Im working 24/7, but I guess Im gonna be happy when
I get my mony this month.

Hopefully we gonna be able to controll our selfs, its been
hard, but I really dont wanna sleep with Tommy before Im
ready to have an relationship.
And about that.. maybe it was just an crush, cause I stil
believe that me and S* are meant to be. So why am Im doing
Why dont i wanna go to see him, why dont I want him to see
me at all??
I thought that was what beeing in love with a person means,
that you wanna be with him or her all the time, not avoid
them. Oh Im so stupid.

I runed over to Samuel this morning to kiss him goodbye, I
always do even if Im just going to school, he looked tired
and week, but Im sure he`s better now;-)

Thats all folks, have a nice weekend!