2001-06-29 23:39:22 (UTC)


i have been at the flea market all day and i made a lot of
maney for one day out of three. i had to get up at 8:00
this morning and it sucked. i didnt even eat
breakfast.anyways, it was really hot out. it felt like i
was in a fire all day. Yeah but anyways as soon as i get
home i hop on and chat. like i always do. anyways my friend
has a guy who flirts with her so her online bf said he was
going to dump her. so im talking to him right now an of
course he denys it all. of course i told her to get a new
bf now hes all like why...he is so stupid!!!!! so now hes
so mad...i hate him!!!!!! n e wayz...LATER