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2001-06-29 23:15:56 (UTC)

Megan Kate

I know it shouldn't be such a big deal. I am only 19 and a
long way from having a child. Who knows if I'll even like
the name when I finally have a girl. But I still don't
like to think about the fact that my sister is naming her
girl Megan. I LOVE the name Megan. It is what my parents
almost named me. It is the only girls' name that I have
liked my whole life. Of course when she asked if she could
use it, I acted like it was no big deal and I was sure that
I wouldn't even like it 5 years down the road. The thing
is, it IS a big deal and I know I'll LOVE it 5 years down
the road. Is that something worth lying about? If I told
her I was still even considering using it, she wouldn't
dare use it. Not after Susan being such a brat
about "Lauren". But she loves the name and she is pregnant
now. And her name will be Megan Kate. Isn't that cute?
I love it. Maybe she'll have red hair like me and we'll be
best friends. I'll be her favorite aunt. I'll take her to
do everything and she'll come sleep at my house. Thats how
it will be. Megan is such a cute name.