Dirty Fractyl
2002-07-13 08:13:06 (UTC)


I met a beautiful and hot girl tonight!! She's black,
named Shana, unbelievably pretty eyes and long hair dyed
blond, long & sexy legs...good god. And she is coming over
tomorrow afternoon for 3.5 hours, from 5 to 8:30 when she
has to go to work.

I think I can feel good as I go to sleep tonight. Holy

She complimented me on my smile right when she started
talking to me, and hers is gorgeous :)

If my lil homeboys Weezy & DeQuan only knew!! I am getting
their race's version of a goddess...

And a goddess is a goddess is a goddess!

*in shock*

Being with me is far more fun than living in reality.


*this is the scene where you just jump into my life like it is a
comic strip*


radio: "Take on Me....Take on me! Take on me!,,,take on me--Take me
on! AAAAHHEEEA!!!" -aha, 80s band

lyrics flash ahead...

"You's a real bad girl a nigga need that
sippin on your henny askin where tha weed at
lemme let you on to somethin
you f*ckin wit a big nigga no frontin'
turn it around lemme see somethin,
f*ckin wit me for real it's gonna be somethin,
i'm talkin' lights, camera, action,
have ya singin' i'm sorry mrs. jackson!"

--mr cheeks in an aha setting

flash ahead, to me:

Yeah, girl, a niggah need that,
Take on me.