the facts of my life
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2002-07-13 07:48:23 (UTC)

Life is hard but fun

Why is it that people like to use others? Why are straight
boys that are afaird of gay guys afaird of them? Why is it
that they are afaird of them or made them think like that?
Why are Lesbians accpetted faster then gay guys? Why is it
thats Christians so long to see their mistakes and only 1
secend for them to see everyone eles? Why is it that most
cute guys are taken or well Straight or well almost to
good to be true and you are afaird of hurting them? Is
life always going to be so hard on us? Will people relize
that what they say can have really horrible effects on
people or what they do can hurt really terrilby?

these are some questions i ask myself alot but this is the
answer i can come up with MAYBE BUT WHO REALLY KNOWS BUT
THEMSELF true and blunt thanks i know this is not the best
entry but it is what is on my mind so thanxs and have fun
and take care