The Story of my Life
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2001-06-29 23:07:37 (UTC)

Guys at work

Yes, yes. I really have a thing for guys I work
with. First thing at Carl's, I fall for Shane. That was a
big mistake for a while, when we weren't talking. Work
sucked. It finally took me bitching him out, & confronting
him with everything that I had been hearing to straighten
things out between us again. ANYWAYS he quit, and is in Ohio
now. Let's see...There's Shawn. He's new.(I'm training him)
He's not just new to Carl's though, he's new to the state.
So, to the best of my knowlege he really doesn't know any
one. Kayla want's me to introduce him into our "group". He's
going to be a junior, and best of all, he's starting
Sprague. Then there's Raul. I sort of had a "crush" on
Rodolfo, at first (his older bro) But yeah, I just thought
he was good looking, and had a fun personality. He's too
old, and married. Raul is a younger version of Rodolfo
(personality wise) He's cute, and EXTREMELY nice. He's fun
to work with and everything. He just turned 17, and goes to
McKay. (Minus a point there) I think I like him the most.
Well, after Connor and Andrew of course. Connor I am just in
love with. But, hey that's a WHOLE different story. I think
Jeff likes me. Today he asked me if I got offended if people
told me nice things. Of course I said no (I mean, come on!)
Then he told me he thought I was "really pretty" and walked
off. It was very random. He was just helping me with the
boxes, then BAM. It's ok though. He seems nice enough, plus
he is cute. I know this is superficial, but he is missing a
tooth. I have a teeth fetish. (As with many other things)
That knocks him down a few points, along with the fact I
don't know exactly how old he is, but it's probably too old.
Malcolm told me I was hot, but he was just joking around.
Ahh! Cutler just IMed me, so I will go. Sometime I'll talk
about my Papa John's guys! LOL.