It's ok to be crazy
2002-07-13 07:10:07 (UTC)


for the first time in about 2 years our paths crossed.lisa
is the girl mike started seeing after hebroke up with me.
and all of my thoughts of her up until now have been
dislike. and that is why tonight was so strange. frank and
i were at target looking for a book to get my nephew for
his first birthday. then out of no where kelly and lisa
popped up. whoa! i didn't even know they knew eachother and
hey guess what!?!?!? that just moved in together. but it
was nice...she was cheerful...seemingly happy to see me.
that puts my mind and all of my un-needed hatred at ease.
so i am glad she is back in my life in a way. mike would
have liked it this way.high school is over and so is all
the drama and i am now ready to let go of all the petty