Cute Chaos

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2002-07-13 06:25:26 (UTC)


There is really not much to talk about. I am not been up to
much. Just baby-sitting for little brats. I love kids don't
get me wrong but I hate the fact that I am always nagging
at Cody cause he is doing something wrong. It makes me look
like such a bitch. Angela wants me to watch the kids full
time this summer and during the school year. I think I am
going to have to turn down her offer because I will have
sports and driving lessons, and her kids are CRAZY HARD to

Everyone I know is going out of town. Jessi is going to
Wyoming and Colorado. Jon (not that it matters) is going to
New Orleans, St. Louis, ect. Tony is up north then going to
Arizona. My grandmother is out of town on business and
Korrie is 45 minutes away! I am going to be bored out of my

I love to talk with Jessi. I had another marathon
conversation with her last night. It is so funny cause we
get along so well and agree and everything (almost). It is
just fun to talk with her although it took me a while to
settle down cause I get really hyper when I talk with her.
LOL I hope she has fun out of town with her FAMILY! She
leaves tomorrow, poor thing.

I really miss Tony. I wrote him an e-mail saying sorry for
forcing him to talk with me and that I hope I did not ruin
his trip. I told him how much I miss him already or that I
want him to be Happy. I can’t wait until he gets back!

Oh wow. Rusty is back in town. He is forced to live with
his mom because of some big deal with the cops. I can’t
believe I like him at one time. I guess he is hot but I
talk with him now and I see the real him. I see an
arrogant, stuck up, self centered, wannabe who is only out
for a piece of ass. I told Chris that if I ever liked
someone like Rusty again that he could hit me. He deserves
what ever he gets. Damn kid is crazy. He only comes around
when it is convenient for him. What a loser! He made a
comment to me “So you don’t have anything to say to me… Oh
did I piss you off too?” Hell yeah you did! My gosh, why
would I be fine with him not showing up to take me to
homecoming. Don’t need boys like him. Don’t WANT boys like

Well like I said not much has been happening.

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