itallian stallion

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2002-07-13 04:33:59 (UTC)


Life is a waterfall,
we're one in the river
and one again after the fall.

Swimming through the void
we hear the word,
we lose ourselves, but we find it all.

Cuz we are the ones who wanna play!
Always wanna go,
but you never wanna stay.

And we are the ones that wanna choose!
Always wanna play,
but you never wanna lose.

Aerials in the sky,
when you lose small mind
you free your life.

Aerials so up high,
when you free your life's
eternal prize.

System of a down -Toxicity- "Aerials" (14)
I like this song and its words. The song is quite dynamic
because it can be interpreted in a couple ways....Hell,
even the word aerial is interesting by definition when
thought about in context to the lyrics. but hey, maybe my
mind is off on an aerial of its own on this one, lol.

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