Life as I know it.
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2001-06-29 21:46:25 (UTC)

Wasting days and nights

So Im still unemployed, shocked? I didnt think you were
either. Just so fucking upset, my temp agency who like
NEVER calls me cause they suck, called me ths morning for a
job, now see, I cant sleep when im dripping sweat so i was
up til 6am laying in bed and of course didnt hear the phone
ring this morning, so I missed a day of working. GRRRR.
But thigns on the money front are a-okay. Mom is hooking
me up with a nice lil lump sum which will carry me til
August when I get my school refunds which can carry me til
November. SO technically I dont have to work til November
if I dont want to. But I do. I'm bored. I'm living the
life everyone who has a job wants but seriously after over
a month of this, it gets to you, big time. First thing
after I pay my bills off with this money im gonna do (trust
me there wont be taht much left!) is treat some of my
unemployed friends to a nice dinner, instead of the
junkfood/fast food stuff we live off of cause its cheap.
It's my way of doing things, its like good karma you know?
Plus I know they'd do the same for me. I love my friends
so much!
Other than that not much is going on. Everyone thanks
for the feedback in my diary, I truly appreciate it. I
like having different people help me with my life, cause im
good at helpign others but horrible at helping myself. It
happens even to the best of us.
Talked to Matt a bit ago (stop rolling your eyes i know
he is probably mentioned in every single entry but you can
deal) and the conversation was pretty good, tried to hit me
up for a loan tho, which i cant do cause im broke, im also
a stupid idiot and would lend him the money, I'd like to
think the boy would do it for me. Actually he has offered
in the past. But I just cant part with hardly any of the
money my mom is giving me cause im just that in debt=0(
Being a grown up sucks...if you live at home and think its
miserable, NO...its not. TRUST ME.

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