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2002-07-13 03:40:44 (UTC)

huh i guess a personal ad

I've started working odd jobs recently. Cleaning and stuff
and fuck i'm exhausted. But hey i'm finally getting income!
And it's all tax free.And of course I like every other person
on the face of the planet want someone. For me of course not
just anyone will do. First off i'm looking for a guy. A
fairly tall guy. At least 5'7" taller is better. Longish
hair maybe wavy and messy. Any color, and i do mean any. I'd
perfer a guy too be a medium build little heavy is okay,
especially if you are tall. But i suppose bottom line to
weigh more than me. Personality, sweet, kind, sort of a bad
boy with a good heart, harsh past not a problem. Thoughtfully
romantic not necessarily having to be conventionally. Oh and
you must have the ablilty to pick me up easily and carry me
around for fun. Huh, sitting here i believe i've written
that sentence before. Anyway, they'd have to like my
acting, and style of clothes. I like guys that have a casual
look or a punkish look. I want a guy that isn't always
comparing me to other women or girls and isn't wishing me to
be anyone else. I must emphisize my need for a faithful
partner. And i don't wantthem to try to change anything about
myself and i don't want to change the person. I need the
person to have their own set of friends that i can meet, but
that they aren't all my close friends in the beginning as
well. I need some one who wants to hang out a lot with me
but isn't completely outta touch with the pther parts of
their life and understand that i have other parts of my life.
I'd hope that they can drive and have a car. Hmm i can't
think of anything else or else i am bored with my own