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2002-07-13 03:33:55 (UTC)


hey well lately i have been chillin w/ justin, austin,
holly, and kelli. well austin and holly are dating and
carter is out of town and he is dating kelli and mea nd
justin like eachother. well justin hasnt wanted to date me
and kelli said something taht made me furious. i dont
really remember waht it was but it made me extremely angry.
well i was being really mean to justin and then i kicked
him behind on his legs and he was like omgosh u just like
kicked me into asking out u out and i was like huh??? it
was weird i dont actually get why me kickin him had
anything to do w/ him asking me out. ahhh he is really
confusing!!! i like him soooo much and i would love to date
him but he has this theory that it's just to say that ur
dating. but i see it differently. oh well maybe he will ask
me out. i have a plan that if he asks me out then i will be
like i dont know if i want to date u anymore and shit like
that cuz it totally piss him off!! lol!! that is if he asks
me and i hope that he does cuz i like him so much!!! why
wont he date me??? okay well im gonna go im supposed to
talk to him tonight but he hasnt called me yet so i dont
know. okay well latz!!

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