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2001-06-29 21:05:07 (UTC)

:: good night, sayangku*::

good night, sayangku*
i wish you were with me now
counting the stars with me
and hoping on the brightest one

i wish i were there
or you were here
i want to look into your eyes
as they clearly would tell you
how lonely i am here
how empty my heart is

good night, sayangku*
i am counting the seconds
i am wishing that this day
will be over soon
and weeks would just fly by
i can't wait to show you all the love
i have saved just for you

good night, sayangku*
if i could make just one wish tonight
it would be
that we would stare at the same bright stars
at the same time
at the same place
until we fall asleep
lulled by the night solitude

© :: connie ::™
0342amgmt 7

note: * my love [indonesian]

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