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2002-07-13 00:27:56 (UTC)

Somethings are good - deserved to be

After Tuesday nothing happened. I just met people at big city.
I did not see or talked to my friends.
But some things are good. If I could not see return from the
contest results I am studying to be an inspector in elections.
I am reading the manual. I am trying to realize the instructions.
To read is not sufficient to learn. It is necessary to see
example and do exercises and see the gabarite.
I am going to be Saturday night. But I did really big things.
In big city people does not mind about their neighbours even
they are not neighbours. There is people that deserved to be
good and receive good things. But people guiles that it is not
necessary. I see people and smile to them. For that moment they
think they are really important than everything.
It is true. Some people gets what deserved. Other needs good
things and some time I give them the sight of it.
When hope is little the time become much important and people
want things for the day. When hope grows the people can wait
for days. I will see days like tomorrow never comes. Because
some people have not sufficient hope. And I will show them
a bright better day.