Just a Girl
2002-07-13 02:23:22 (UTC)


Okay, well, I just talked with Michael on the internet like
forever...and then I just randomly called him, because I
decided to and we talked for another 30 minutes. It really
made my day...my week...my month...my year!! (As Kels would
say.) It was great. We just talked about normal things,
and I'm so happy that we can finally have long
conversations again without a lot of weirdness. I mean,
for a guy, an hour or so of communicating with anyone is a
big accomplishment. So, now I have to go squeal to my best
friend. The only sad thing is that all of this has to be
hundreds of miles away. I know Kels is sad about that, and
I think that Michael was actually hinting that he missed me
too. Swimming has pretty much taken over his life, and I
can relate if nothing else. AHHHHHH!!!! I'm so proud of
myself that I had the nerve to just call him. It sounds so
simple, but I am so incredibly giddy right now...