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2001-06-29 20:31:37 (UTC)

The Proposal

ok i was talking to my friend the other day and she's
really cool and all so i startedto ask her out and stuff
well tonight we get to go on our first date and it's cool
and all but her sis is coming with us and that's cool and
all. But how am i suppose to make my moves on her if the
girl's sister is right next to us. but i'll write back and
say what happened. OK yesterday at work this bitch i know
*she's cool and all but i mean she can get you depressed
and pissed at the same time* ok well the night before i was
depressed and i didn't want to talk with her so i said i
was depressed and just needed time to myself. well my god
the bitch mode kicked in and she's like your always
depressed why don't you be happy. so the next day at work
i'm like ignoring her all day and she kept calling me over.
i knew she wanted to apolagize. but i didn't let her i
wanted her to know how much she hurt me. so i went the
whole day with out talking to her. you know she's cool and
sweet and caring but she needs to learn how not to say
everything that's on her mind. then maybe i could put up
wih her

B back soon

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