Bloodstain Sun

The Book Of Counted Sorrows
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2001-06-29 20:22:36 (UTC)

Fuck Him.

Me and Travis broke up lastnight.
I don't know why yet.

-Breakup Email-
"first of all it is about something else...... second, yes
i do know you were
kidding...... third, im not kidding...... forth, im sorry
but ill tell you
why latter. BTW... what name and i might not be back on
till sunday night.

bye and even though i wasnt kidding (i wish i was) i still
do love you"

"Fuck him for loving me.
Fuck me for loving him back.
Fuck him for stealing my heart.
Fuck me for letting him.
Fuck him for telling me he'd never hurt me.
Fuck me for believeing it."

More blood stains the floor..
More tears stain my pillow...