Just a Girl
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2002-07-13 00:30:12 (UTC)

Small binge

I suppose you could say I just binged a little bit. Hmm,
lemme see. So far today I've had
Peanut butter and banana sandwich
Rice Krispie treat
Guacamole chips (too many, and don't ask)
a little bit of ice cream
dinner mints (again, don't ask)

Well, now that I've written it out, it looks worse than I
Ahhh, I'm talking to this guy that I've had a crush on for
3 years and I'm really happy!! I just like talking to
him. It was so hard when I had to move away...like a
thousand miles away. Aw, I'm gonna cry... He's cute and
an awesome swimmer, and cute, and sweet as can be. Anyway,
it sounds like he's not having the greatest summer, but
it's hard to cheer him up via im. Well, let me get back to
talking to him...:):):)

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