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Kinky Chronicles
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2002-07-12 23:38:59 (UTC)


Hey.. I've kinda been avoid writing in here. I'm not sure
why I just lost some interest in writing in the diaries.
But I'm back and planning on writing more.
I fought with my parents today. Damn parents. I did
something to my computer to make "The Old Lady On The
Metro" tell me to kill my parents and that they are
assholes. I love my computer. I hope I can have Brian spend
the night at my house on sunday because it'll make my Kate
happy. (You should be happy...no more sadness) I wonder
what they'll say.
I wrote a new poem.. It's kinda sad and depressing.. I
don't know why I wrote it. I just had thoughts that worked
together in the form of poetry. (If you want to read it
look up my other diary.."Kennenjora's Exciting Adventures")
My computer broke..somewhat. It won't sign onto the
internet. It says there is something wrong with my
password. I'm on my dad's computer now. I like it because
it has music on it. It's such a relaxed atmosphere in here.
Anyways I should go.. I'm kinda tired. Later