2002-07-12 23:38:24 (UTC)

Scared Silly and Friday Five

I ordered the materials to make a cross-stitch design called
"Scared Silly" w hich was recently released by Birds of a
Feather. You can see what it looks like at their website:

I love their designs--they're whimsical and unusual. I had
bought the chart through an Ebay auction. On Tuesday I
emailed Friendship Crossing in Corvallis telling them what
linen and floss I needed and the name of the design,
included my address and asked them to tell me how much to
send them. What a surprise to just receive the materials in
the mail this morning! Of course, I put a check for the
invoice total in the mail to them this afternoon. I've
known the owner of this store for many years but haven't
been there in a while. Partly that's because I've been
concentrating more on quilting and partly because when I go
to Corvallis it's usually with John and going to the
cross-stitch store just wouldn't be his cup of tea. Doing it
by email and postal mail works pretty well though.
I was going to do the Friday Five but this week's questions
haven't been released yet. Once they are I'll do them in a
separate entry.