point of a distorted view
2002-07-12 22:59:55 (UTC)


Right. I miss people. I miss a lot of people. It is
saddening me. I miss you Nick, Dan, Brian, Stacy, and
Krista, of course. You all rock and I wanna see you again

Moving on to the next subject. Let's see...

Special people. People can treat you really special. And
that is the only reason I have for feeling special. My
friends doing things that make me feel special. I am being
very vague, but because I fear the people will think more
is there than really is. But maybe something more is
there? Who knows.

Sunday I might possibly go out to the movies with Dana Brit
and Brian. I'd love to hang out with them. They rock.
Dana and Brit are my little grasshoppers. And maybe Brian
is a ducky. Well, you can't blame me for saying so! His
hair was so fluffy like a baby duck when it got all wet and
the gel washed out! Okay I think I'm rambling or

Next. Skatee and MikeS. I can't stop hating myself for
this. Everybody says I shouldn't hate myself, but I can't
help thinking that my blonde self is an idiot. Mike is the
smartest, well, wisest guy I know. I just hate this. I
hate all of this.

Watching: SNL reruns
Soundtrack for today: Jewel's "Pieces of You"

here's some musical exerpts from that soundtrack(I'm

I was thinking, that it might do some good
If we robbed the cynics and took all their food
That way what they believe will have taken place
And we can give it people who have some faith

So please be careful with me, I'm sensitive
And I'd like to stay that way

I have this theory, that if we're told we're bad
Then that's the only idea we'll ever have
But maybe if we are surrounded in beauty
Someday we will become what we see
'Cause anyone can start a conflict
it's harder yet to disregard it
I'd rather see the world from another angle
We are everyday angels
Be careful with me 'cause I'd like to stay that way

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