point of a distorted view
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2002-07-12 22:12:36 (UTC)

Shouts to my peeps-oh god that sounds so stupid

Rikki's Shout outs

Some of these people are my friends, some are people I
hate, and some of this stuff just had to be said. I
alphebetized for your convenience! Note: Nej, Mel,
Angela, and Lauren, you are all under "Purple infections"

Abby: I missed you this year. A lot. Daisy says hi. By
the way, how's Sienna doing?

Alex(Davis): You have lost the title of Satan. Ohwell,
whatever. By the way, of course you were the first person
to officially swear when signing my yearbook...eh.

AllieS.: We need to go to Dan and Brian and Nick's schools
next year to terrorize them. It would be fun.

Amber: Hi! You rock Chicka.

AndrewR.: You BETTER be nice to my little sister.

AshleyC.: Hey! Keep cool and buy yourself lots and lots
of horses.

Beck: There are too many inside jokes between us to fit
here. Besides, you're sitting right next to me. Ohwell.

Ben: You really were nice and I really will miss you.

Blair: Hi! You are so nice to me. We need to see
eachother more often...

Brad(Dirt): I miss dirt! Dirt Rocks!

Brendt: You say things that make me feel special. I love
the way you word things. Thank you.

Brian: We are all stupid and we rock.

Brittany: LYLASBYAMS!! Thanks for being such a devoted
protogee. ucompleteme:-)

Brooke: I am so proud of you...Your nail polish doesn't
match your shoes.

Cam(serge): The penguin is watching you...

Carly: I don't care about what anyone else says or does,
mainly your mom, you will always be one of my bestest
friends, and I thank you for not caring either

Dan: I'd do that little trippy thing with my hands that
always confuses us but you couldn't see it right now so
what would be the point?

Dana: Rock on punker grasshopper!

Denisa: I walked into traffic the other day and someone
shot me the "Hawaiian Good Luck Sign". How nice of them!

Dorsa: Try to clear your mind of those horrible images,
I'm so sorry I said anything.

Elisa: We should hang out more often. Maybe go see
Thursday by Six play or something. HeHeH.

EmilyL.(Emi): Roses are red, Violets are blue, pigephants
rock, and so do you!!

EmilyT.(Illy/Killy): Never stop being evil.

Jeff: You don't suck anymore.

JohnK.: I hate you. I'm just gonna stop trying to fix
everything. I really was your friend, I wasn't using you
to get to mj. Eew.

Jordan: So, how's your pet rock doing?

Krista:***!!!I MISS YOU SOO MUCH!!!***

MandyF.: "Good cats are just bad cats that don't get

Margaret: Yee! You are a good influence on me. We
should take gym together so we can skip it and hang out.

Matt(Dudley): You may not have rythym but not many people
can play guitar quite like you can. Too bad your friends
hated me, we could have been friends.

MikeS.: I wish it could have been better between us. (see
ross's shout).

MikeV.: Just because I'm a pyro doesn't mean I worship

MxJx: I love my little brother like a sister. Wait...

NickL.: High eight!! Sheila says hello. I really will
miss you next year.

Paul: Hi Satan! I can impale my hand on your hat!

The purple infections(Nej, Lauren, Angela, Mel):Sing the
fish heads song one more time? Just for me?

Ross(skatee): Stop the hate, you know I can't hate you.
You are too cool for this and I don't want to hex you.
Listen to pink floyd/the doors while laying on the floor
staring at the ceiling and you will be enlightened and
nothing will confuse you anymore. Then you'll see how much
this hurts me.

Shea: You are my coolest older "Sister". Shh... don't
tell Beck...

Stacie: Howdy! Hope you are happy next year, I'll have no
fun in band without you. Oy Vey!

TimmyS.: Timmaaaaaaaaay!