Mary of Wienerschnitzel

like yo' face
2001-06-29 18:54:20 (UTC)

it's been a long time

Well I have not written in more than a week or so. OH well.
But yeah, corner stone is coming up pretty darn quickly. We
leave Monday night... and I do believe we... me liz and
marina...are going to follow the Daniels a friends. It'll
be great. I talked to Liz and she's says she doesn't care
anymore about the whole following Daniel thing... I dunno
if she's upset about it though because all this went down
online. That's the bad thing about online conversations...
you can never see how the other person is feeling. But
anywho... I went to Shane's yesterday to swim and hang out.
It was fun. Desi, Daniel Barton, shane #2 and Justin came.
That made it more fun. I never get to hang out with those
folks because they all live in Ceder Hill. Sucks, eh? But
it was cool. I really like Desi. She is such and
sweetheart. One day we will watch the Emperor's New Groove,
and I will be able to laugh when the subject comes up.
While I was at Shane's I looked at some of his art work,
and he's really good. Especially the photos he took. We all
ended up at Marble Slab and Marina gave us some yummie ice
cream. She looked really cute in her bandana. I love
marina. She is girlfriend of Daniel Clark now. I am happy
for her because I knew she liked him.
I talked to Guy last night. I have been thinking about
him lately, though I have not really talked to him. I asked
him if he still liked me and his response was "yeah, alot,
why?" And then I proceeded in telling him how I felt about
him. I like him, yes, but I can't help but feeling that the
only reason why he's actually showing interest in me is
because 1) it's summer and he's bored and 2) he just wants
to get some. I told him that I do not like to make out and
stuff all the time... it's not my cup of tea ya know. And
he was like "yeah I understand." I didn't get to talk to
him anymore about that subject though because I had to go.
It hard for me to trust that he really likes me because I
thought a while back he really liked me. Also... I have a
low self esteeme so it's hard for me to believe any boy
that i like likes me. I don't like trying because I don't
want to end up getting hurt. I figure that if anything is
going to come of this or any other boy for that fact it
will happen in good time. You know, the whole "God's Will"
thing is confusing. I know he has a plan for my life... but
if he does should I just sit back and let everything
happen? But then I might miss opperatunities if I don't
fight for them. I dunno.
I got my permit today.... YEAH!! I was very happy. But
I must be on my way now... I haven't showered yet and I
have to work in a few hours. That is all, bye.