my adventures
2001-06-29 18:41:04 (UTC)

its so funny how my moods..

its so funny how my moods change. half an hour ago i was
all down and bored and stuff and now i'm in a pretty good
mood, it has occured to me that i get to drink tonight!! we
were gonna get 40's when we got back last night but it was
kind of late and we all had work today, but tonight is a
different story. of course it would be nice to be able to
get good beer but i always end up drinking something shitty
because i'm poor. oh well, tomorrow should be cool too, i
have to do laundry, but i think i might try to convince my
friend xavier to come visit me, he moved pretty close to the
city so he should be able to come up. we'll see. i guess i
should at least pretend to do work. . .