my adventures
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2001-06-29 18:36:59 (UTC)

what am i doing

so last night i went to a club to see my friend's band play.
it was pretty cool, we had a bit of trouble getting down
there but once we were there it was a chill night. the band
played amazing and it was good to see everyone again. but
one guy was there who i'm good friends with and stuff and it
was cool, i talked to him a little and we stood together to
watch the band. he brought me an ashtray. but things were a
little weird. when we were all leavin i was standing outside
waiting for the rest of the group and he comes out and is
like, hey i gotta talk to you. and i was like about what?
and he said, just call me when you get home, which is weird
because our apartments are in the same building and i could
just go down and see him. anyway so i was walking with kev
and doug back to kev's car with this other chick and nick
comes running up behind me and is like, hey come with me.
and i was like, dude i'm riding with dev and doug, and he
was like, who cares, come with me. so me and mary go with
him. and on the way home he tells me that he wants to break
up with his girlfriend of two years. he had told me almost
six months ago that he wanted to marry this girl. and i
don't know what to say of course, but he ends up coming back
to my place and drinking tea. so i don't know what's
goingon. my heart does do a little pitter patter now that i
think about it. i just wanna jump on him. he's so much
bigger than me too, which is cool because i always date guys
who are scrawny and short usually. hmmm, i can't wait to
see him, we're going to the beach for a day next week. ya!

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