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2001-06-29 17:55:51 (UTC)

The long story

this is a long story. you probably wont understand if you
arent my friend, or dont go to CMS.
PEOPLE: jacky(J) she is my sortof friend, an emotional
rollercoaster and a big drama queen.
gretchen(me) this is me.
aaron(A) this is my crush, and my ex boyfriend's bf
trevor(X) this is my ex b/f very sensitive but
caring and sweet, thoughtful (we are still friends)
chellyn(C) my on and off friend, we dont get along
all the time...very bitchy when mad.
jacky's parents(JP) she tells them everything in her
pathetic lil life, why i dont know...

1 i start liking A
2 J tells me she likes A
3 A finally says yes to J, even though he not really
like her.
4 i tell J i like him, she gets worried
5 A tells J he doesnt like me (lie)
6 later, 2days about, A dumps J and asks me out
7 i ask J if i may and she says she still likes A so
i cant til 3 days lata (sunday) bc she is still
hung over her 'relationship' with him (come on it
was two and half days!
8 next period she tells everyone in gym how bitchy i
am being and stuff and 3 peeps 'admitt' they hate
me (what a coincidence)
9 that night i am at a lax game in east rochester and
while i am whoopping them, J is having a emotional crisis,
crying her eyes out and calling A telling him 'not to hurt
me' and leaving long, very personal messages on my machine
which my sister listens to and tells me i am so mean to
make'my friend' cry. so as you can see that was a long night.
10 happy is me!! i am going out with the best kid
ever, i scored against ER, we won and it is almost
the end of the school year!wooo hoooo!!
11 now J ruins it. she says that he will lie to me and
he is a big jerk and that she hates him (yet she always
comments how hott he is)! i make her promise not to insult
him ne more.
12 the next day she says: can i ask you a question?
and you know what she asks ? WHY ARE YOU GOING OUT WITH SUCH
13 i blow up at her quietly, saying you went out with
him too! she is like... yeah but i didnt realize it til now!
grrr i am angry so i say f*** you bi***! i mean dont you
think its a little more than a coincidence she thinks that
NOW? and she wouldnt have 'noticed it' if he didnt dump her!
you cant get mad at someone bc they dump you! what a loser!
14 we call a truce... but she doesnt keep it for long.
15 i hear how she keeps calling me stuff and says how
bratty and mean i am. HYPOCRITE!!!!
16 she has said i shouldnt say 'those things'
(swearing) about her bc 'it hurts' but she does it
to me behind my back!
17 now its about 3 weeks later and we are still at it.
at lunch kristy and colby(populars who both like A) ask her
and everyone else if me and A made a good couple and she says
ABESOLUTELY NOT! i ask if its true and she denys. then the
next day she calls and says ok she did. SHE LIED!!!
18 i go online (its summer now) and C starts talking
to me. she comments on my profile and how it says,
f*** you J miller.
19 C and her friend say i am F***ed up and i neep help
and things like that. but they dont really know
what happened so they cant say ne thing!
20 so now me and C are in a fight bc of dumb J cant
keep her mouth shut
21 me and J are ok now, i knidof apoligized and she
did too (thank god) i asked her if she liked A and
she said no...(liar)
22 next day i am in the car with her and she brings it
up. and JP know about it!!! all her sister says is oh..when
she hears the name A. i find papers from J and Colby playing
school. colby signed : Mrs. Fingar. we burned those. then J
almost told her mom about it and why we burned them....i
stopped her and she asked her mom if she understood. she said
yes. oh and at J's softball game i told her to choke up and
she snarled back: shut up you dont know anything about
softball! grrr mad is me. then i was cheering for her when
she was pitcher (an awful one at that) and she told me to zip
it. (that is like 'a sin' for J) get over it b****!
23 maybe i am over her being so grumpy,maybe i am not
but now you know part of what goes on in my head...

yours truly,
ChaChaLynn Syv.

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