the life of one woman
2001-06-29 17:46:51 (UTC)

the truth doesn't set anyone free

the truth doesn't set anyone free

truth is just an idea or statement. what sets you free is action.

i'm currently planning to go free; free of my 3.5 year relationship.
i am not inherently monogamous. i can't wake up to the same
thing for breakfast everyday. i need variety, adventure,
spontaneity. if the person i'm with can't keep up with that, i will
seek more. if they don't allow that, i'll move on.

damn shame we just signed a one year lease at the beginning
of may this year.

well, that's the pessimistic, wine bottle is half empty view. i
guess i could also say that i now have 10 months in which to
save up to move out on my own, not to mention buy him out his
half of some things i just can't bear to part with. my wine bottle
is half full. sheeit, there's more than that left to go around.

that was cleansing.

back to the grind.

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