her wish eternal
2001-06-29 17:33:25 (UTC)

Another Day, Another Fantasy

Last night, before parting, the angel asked of me
to write down something naughty, that she could later read
I promised her come morning, I would write her a little tale
she smiled at me with eagerness and said "you're such a
dirty male"


I remember you, looking at your computer screen, while the
Amazon of your creation slaughtered and slayed all sorts of
evil. I remember you staring focused. At it, not at me. I
can remember...

I stood from my chair beside you, shifting out of your
prepherial vision. I slid behind you and rubbed my hands
down your chest, feeling your breasts through your white
cotton T-shirt. You paused the game, leaned back, resting
your head on my arm and staring upwards into my face. You
moaned while I touched you.

But that wasn't enough. I spun your chair around, kissing
you while you rotated to face me. I held the kiss while I
slowly removed your shirt, breaking only when the fabric
needed to pass over your head. I knelt down before you,
touching your breasts again with much less my way. You
leaned back, closed your eyes, and moaned again. I pulled
the thin material from one breast and brought my head
close. I pulled your nipple into my mouth and began sucking
on it. You grabbed my head, held me to your breast. I slid
my arms up onto your back and grabbed you. Then, with a
single move, I picked you from your chair and laid you down
on the floor. There, I continued my attentions.

While I kissed and licked around your nipple, you helped
unbutton my shirt, pulling the fabric away from my skin. I,
in turn, reached behind you, lifting you up and unhooking
your bra. Topless, we embraced, feeling our skin press
against each other.

For a moment, we held this position. You and I on the
floor, pressing our skin to the other, just feeling the
warmth of each other's flesh.

I kissed you again, then, moving my hand down along naked
skin until I reached the lining of your pants. I slid my
fingers down and felt you through your panties. You moaned,
and yet tried to pull my fingers away. I ignored your
hand's pulling and slid my finger in under the panties,
feeling your warmth. I began to touch you between your
legs. I rubbed my finger along the outside of your
paradise, and you melted onto the floor, your hand holding
mine, but no longer pulling. I kissed you deep on the lips
while I rubbed my finger slowly into you. You pulled me too
you and kissed me deeply, moaning as you did so. I leaned
in close and whispered. "take off your pants, love."

You nodded and pulled me close again, then your fingers
traced down your body to the button of your pants. You
unhooked, and unzipped, and began to slide them off. I
stopped you with a smile. Then I slid the pants down and
off. I ran my fingers up between your legs, starting down
around your toes and climbing until both of my hands were
between your legs. I pulled the fabric out of the way and
slid my hand fully up against you. You gasped, tried to
pull away, but I held you down. I pushed the flat of my
palm against you and you moaned.Then I reversed the hand,
grabbed your panties from the inside and began harshly
pulling them off, holding you down with my other hand.

"Please...no" You whispered, half in fear, half in passion.
I grinned at you, unforgiving. I had your panties off and
you made a vain attempt to cover yourself. I pinned your
arms above your head with one hand and strattled your
chest. My free hand began unbuttoning my own pants. You
watched with passionate terror while I exposed myself. You
stared at my penis.

You began to struggle against my hand, and I was forced to
use my other to keep your arms pinned down. "Please..." You
begged again. "Let me help you." Tentitively, I releasted
your hands, which you immediately attached to my pants. You
began to pull them off, franticly. I moved so they would
slide off better, and you pulled them until my entire
lower half was exposed. Greedily, you pulled me close and
sucked my penis into your mouth.

It was my turn to moan, and I slowly moved my hips with the
bobbing of your head. You licked the sides, and underneath,
then deepthroated me. I was getting ready to cum. I stopped
you harshly, pushing your chest back onto the ground and
pulling myself away from your eager lips. I let my penis
drag against your naked chest, over one of your soft
breasts. Your saliva left a trail down your body, where my
penis had moved. I slid my lower half between your legs.

"I'm going to take you, love" I said quietly, once again
holding your arms down above your head.

You nodded, frightened, then said, "Please, don't." I
smiled, kissed you deeply, and moved my penis inside you...

I'm evil, I know...maybe I'll write more on this
later...I love you always, angel