Paradise HAHAHA
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2002-07-12 17:19:34 (UTC)

Fun Night. For them.

Last night we ( me, Sarah, Alice, Camilla, And Jamie ) went
to go pick up Brian from the SFO Airport. He arrived at 10
something pm. He was in his dress whites and looked ok he
wasnt totally filling it out. Well he's a short guy so i
dont think he'll ever fill it out. Ha!! Anyways we all
decided to go back home and go to Denny's and eat
something. Well on the way there Sarah and Brian took the
back seat and god I would never want to know what went on
back there. I was just driving and it wasnt my car so no
damage to me. We got there about 15-20 mins after everyone
else. I was told to take the long way. I just turned up
the music and sang my lil heart out. We got there and
waited about 5 mins to get seated but when I thought that
everyone was following me to the booth they really werent,
they stood in the door way for about another 5-7 mins I
ordered my food and drink. Hell I wasnt waiting for their
butts. Well they eventually went to sit down and noticed me
in my lil ol booth all by myself. We ate and talked and
goofed off for a while then I started to get tired. So we
all went our seprate ways and I came home and went to bed.
AHHHHH home sweet home. Adios