Just a Girl
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2002-07-12 17:13:12 (UTC)

another day

So, I'm doing better so far today. No binging urges. I
also went for a walk last night, so I guess maybe that did
a little bit of good. I just need to remember how bad I
feel after eating unhealthy foods. It's really not a good
feeling. And then trying to do sit-ups after eating so
much...it just doesn't really work. So, I'm babysitting
today and tomorrow...I'll have a little bit of money in my
pocket. I watched LA Confidential last night and you know
what? Russell Crowe is really hot! For an older guy, I
mean. Just look at Gladiator and some of his other
movies...mmm. I've left my name and number with one of the
pools around here to see if they need any lifeguards, but I
haven't heard back from them yet. It's already July, but I
thought I'd try. So... I might go for another walk in a
little bit (I haven't been running because my knee was
hurting...plus I just don't really like running.) Oh! I
got this e-mail from the track coach again. Sounds like
he's bitching out the team again for not going to some
race. Too bad I haven't even been going to any of the
practices. Haven't seen the asshole since May in fact. I
don't think I'm going to do x-c in the fall because for
one, I got two stress fractures the last time I tried to do
track and, two, almost all of my classes are AP. I know my
parents are worried that I'm going to turn into a huge fat
pig, but I will try my best not to. I just don't need
another authority figure up my ass telling me what to do
and what not to do. I mean, look at that e-mail. Who
knows? Watch me be on the x-c team...it doesn't matter all
that much what I'd rather do anyway. So, I'm trying to end
this on a positive note and it's just not working out. How
about... I haven't binged today! That's good!