the world through the eyes of madahorn
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2002-07-12 16:57:05 (UTC)


i have come to realize that religion in someone what
screwed up, and realy controlls way to much of peoples
lives. i mean some people die over or because of it, its
really insane. ask the big questions, why are we here? a
religious person would probably say two things to live a
good life, which yes i do agree with, and two, to serve
god. who? god, yes someone which supposedly did all these
great things and it was passed on from word of mouth over
many many years. sounds a little fishy. i really just cant
comprehend slaving my life away to beliefe so strong. its
like that movie dogma i recently saw, chris rock said have
ideas, no beliefes, beliefs get people so wrapped up in
details, that they forget what the point in their believe
were in the first place, ideas you can change, a mold.
really, now just out of curiosity, how god like is it to
malest little boys? just woundering...
i recently was reading about buddha and tibet and all that
stuff, the moks, their belifes and devotion to living
accordingly. it was really incredible, they see the world
so much different then everyelse. i mean they live their
whole life as best they can for a reason, not because some
church leader is saying to, because behinde him is the big
man who decides whether they go up or down. they live their
lives because they want to be a good person/animal/whatever
in the next life, now doesnt that at least make a little
more sense? if u act like a crepe all your life, your going
to come back as a low creature which will probably be end
up being stepped on. on the other hand if the lead a good
life, and are good people, they will come back as something
greater, a person who will do great things perhaps, or a
animal who will help at a farm or be admired for it's
beauty. i just think it's amazing, i mean if there should
be religion it shoud be something like this. how many times
have u been to church and seen people sleeping? not paying
any attention? people go for the most part because they
feal the need to, or they drag their dragged their by their
parents. these buddhist people live their lives down to the
way they eat sleep, and dress. for example: they dont eat
meat, why? because like i said before that could be their
brother that jsut died for all they know, i mean who knows,
whoever it was, it is now some kind of animal, and that's
what it was destine to be, so thats how it will live it's
life. its all one big circle of things.
the best part, i think is that they know who buddha (the
leader, founder, equal to god you could say) was, they know
his story, how he found the religion, all of that. how many
people do you know can answer the question who made god?
where did he come from? how did he come up with these
ideas? nobody can tell you. i dunno its all very
interesting to me, but really i'm not trying to offend
anyone, i'm just thinking on paper, or computer, or