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2002-07-12 16:01:34 (UTC)

Here we go!

Well, here I go again! Staring another journal. If I had
a dime for every time I started journaling only to quit
after a while I'd be a rich woman. Life always seems to
get in the way, but I know how important journaling is for
my sanity! So, here's my latest effort.

Next Monday I'll be starting to homeschool our son. I
wanted to wait a few more weeks, but he's been chomping at
the bit. Rather than fight it, I'm caving in and starting
early. Nothing like having a voracious learner in the
house. I really am looking forward to it though. There's
nothing like the look he gets on his face when he "gets"
something new!

I have to remember that God doesn't give us any more than
we can handle, so even if my plate seems to be on the
verge of overflowing, if they are things I know God wants
me to do I must be able to handle them. I hope!

I don't know how I'll get everything in in a day that I
want to - prayer, Scripture study, writing, schooling,
housework (well, maybe not housework), practicing music.
I'll just try and leave everything in the Lord's hands and
go from there. Then there's all of the home improvement
projects we have to get finished before the end of fall.
I guess we'll just get as much done as we can, although I
really don't want to have to wait another year before
everything is done. I feel like I've waited long enough!

Until next time!