DayDream Believer
2002-07-12 11:36:12 (UTC)

He`s so great!

Tommy that is, I told him yesterday that I had made my
decision; I was not ready for a relationship yet.
He was so understanding that I have things to fix first.
Dunno when, but Im going to see S* soon, everything is my

I`ve started back on my gym agen, that was weird, it didnt
feel like I have been gone for 1,5 year. Everythuing was
allmoast the same.
I havebt seen Miguel there yet, I try to go there when I
think he`s working, I dont waant him to know that Im back
Ofcouse he`s gonna know, but not right now I hope.
We are over long time ago, actually there have never benn
something, but still..

I have decided to go and see Dante, my ex boyfriend. Its
the only way to get over it. I stil hate my self for beeing
with him, but not as bad as I used to.
Im so scared to do the same mistake agen that I think I
have problems with comitment`s.

Its been raining all summer, not a single sunny day since
May, hopefully the sun with come back in August cause this
is looking bad.
But Samuel is great, he is walking a lot outside for the
moment, I thought some run would do him good cause he was
really bad a while ago, but I guess the weather dossnt
matter all that much.
He is gonna be around for a long long time, I know it,
everyone else is wrong.