Under the starless L.A. sky
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2001-06-29 15:05:03 (UTC)

Why do I want them all

All of the girls, I want them. Why is it? And not just the
gorgious ones..I want the chunky ines the ones with bad
eyes or still gety acne at 26. Its wierd. I look and I see
the beutifulness of woman in them all. The Flowing Lighjt
of Woman, the spark of the Divine! Last noght it was a
friend of my girlfriend, it I was listning to her talk to
some localk cats and it struck me that she seemed more open
and more beutiful than I hav EVER seen her. I told her
thast she looked exceptionaly nice, the most I would ever
tell any woman that was a friend of my girl. Odd but true,
they all look good, and it seems to be that if they arn't
odd or complicated, they are not worth the time. Not
intreswting enough.