Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
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2002-07-12 09:07:56 (UTC)

Been F*cked in the ASS!!!!!!!


Son of a whore what a shitty night.... Well get this
unimagenable shit.. I was in the mood to game with my old
gaming group i have been so down as of late that i havent
played in over a month.... I am playing a 14 level
paladin/cleric.... Half celestral... Uber.... *sob* so me
and my party go into Skull Port under Water Deep! *sob
sob* well there is a place down there called the TOWER OF
PAIN!!!!! and well we had a friend called the ghost walker
and well i cant go into all about that it would take pages
just trust me when i say UBERRRRRRRRRRRRR mufo... * hes is a dead
kensi with ninja levels and is about 400 years old... He can kill
about 200 high level people in about 2.5 seconds i have seen him do
it.... Also he can never die even if you chop off his head his will
is way to strong to right the wrongs done to him and his family to
die.. So he is almost invincesable... Well anyways the people who
owned the TOWER and ran it were apart of the horror that happened to
his family 400 years ago..... So he goes in there abd obliderates
everyone and everything moving in that TOWER....

So when i cant see the ghost walker anymore i deside to go over to
the TOWER and see whats going on... my party says you know that place
is very dangerious you could get hurt.. And i say is anything we ever
do NOT dangerious???? *a very paladin thing to say* says one of my
party memebers.... So i fly over to the door and with a friend from
my party as my body guard i thought so what could gooo so wrong....
Well anyways the first thing i remember seeing was 12 dead guards at
the door.. Larnex ripped out or head choped off.... Intestines spill
apon the cold ground..... So we force the door open and about a 2
foot wave of blood came crashing apon my boots..*ewww* But i was like
YUMMY! anyways we start looking around and everyone here was dead OMG
uber dead brains on walls and guts from rafters and arms legs and ass
laying every where... For a normal person it would have been way to
much but alas for me it was NOTHING cos i usual make this kinda
mess.. LOL.. well anyways i deside to go look around to see what i
could find mostly magic items... Well i deside to go to the top of
the Tower to see what happened to the most important people * oh Yea*
well i get up there and i see the dame carnage that i love so much i
deside to make the best of this situation and loot for the poor i
mena these people arent gonna use this stuff no more....

Well so deside to LOOT.... These were evil people i didnt
see why not i was gonna give the money and loot to the poor
cos i didnt keep such things for myself well all of a
sudden when i started to loot these 7 magic skulls *hense the name
skull port cos they own and run everything and they are uber ghosts
from the goddess of pain* came and
floated over me and told me that i was a degrace to my
deity and that i must be punished for the dark one*aka* the
Ghost walker* see he is already dead so they couldnt do
anything to him at all so they were pissed i was there and
i was looting the dead bodys...... So all of a sudden i am
passed out on the floor naked........... My party member Radies was
helpless to stop what happened to me so he could only stand and
watch..........OK OK OK get this i am still alive i am not dead...
even though i look it.. OK not only that but all my shit my sword my
money clothes and magic items worth over a million gold peices have
been destroyed by the skulls.. well if that wasnt enough for
them they also made me no longer a paladin or a cleric they
made me 0 level with no xp...... ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG OH i am
so pissed off right now OMG i worked so hard for me to get
here there see i was 14 but with - 3 level deficite cos im
half angel......... SO i was in all actuallity level 17 so
hard to get there many a battle did it take me grrrrr...
And now i am nothing with nothing i am at square one DAMN
SON OF BITCH!!!!!!!!!! Sorry but i needed to talk to
someone about this or just write it to myself so i can read
and laugh about it later....... IM STILL GONNA BE PISSED

Anyways i ripped up my charater and tossed it in my game
masters face and stomped out of the living room and went to
my bed room lock the door and begin to write in here..
whilst my gaming group is feebely trying to coaxed me back
to the game with we are so sorry hun maybe we can fix it
come back we need you Blah Blah blah

well night night ill write more later Mistra